Discoveryland: Attractions...

Explore the stars, the planets and the universe in Discoveryland, See the moon of Endor or help Buzz to save the day. For those wanting the stay closer to the ground, enjoy a car ride or (re-)discover Michael Jackson as Captain EO at the Imagination Institute. But if the sea is your favorite place to explore, go and find out about the mysterious voyages of captain Nemo...

Space Mountain: Mission 2Space Mountain: Mission 2

Journey into outer space as the majestic Columbiad cannon blasts you on an exciting trip to the frontiers of the known universe, through meteor showers, past starfields and right into a Super Nova... [...more]

Captain EOCaptain EO

In tribute to Michael Jackson the Imagination Institute invites guests to (re-)discover the "king of pop" in his unique 3D space opera extravaganza... [...more]

Buzz Lightyear's AstroBlasterBuzz Lightyear's Laser Blast

Buzz Lightyear needs your help to protect the universe and to catch the evil Zurg. So board your Space Cruiser, grab your Astro Blaster and see if you can become the next Galactic Hero... [...more]

Les Mystères du NautilusLes Mystères du Nautilus

Deep beneath the sea lies the mysterious kingdom of Captain Nemo. Walk down the stairs to this genius' greatest marvel, the amazing submarine "Nautilus", and experience the wonders and beauty of this vessel... [...more]

Discoveryland StationDiscoveryland Station

Board the elegant trains of the Disneyland Railroad at this futuristic station above Star Traders and travel around all five lands in the most traditional way... [...more]

Arcade Alpha & BetaArcade Alpha & Beta

Two minor arcades with games for all ages located next to the central entrance of the Videopolis - please note that a cover charge applies to each game... [...more]

Star ToursStar Tours

Step into the world of "Star Wars" and experience a wild simulator ride through outer space to the moon of Endor... [...more]


The elegant Flying Machines invite you to a trip around a beautiful stellar sculpture and over the rooftops of Discoveryland... [...more]


Hop into one of the charming little cars and take a relaxing drive on the freeways of a long gone future... [...more]


The large auditorium including areas for the guests of the Hyperion Restaurant is matched by a gigantic high tech stage... [...more]

L'Astroport Services InterstellairesL'Astroport Services Interstellaires

This spaceport awaits space traveller with an assortment of the latest video games from Earth, including numerous Star Wars themed games, air hockey and and and... [...more]

Pizza Planet - Indoor Playground & ArcadePizza Planet - Indoor Playground
(restaurant patrons only)

Inside the Pizza Planet Restaurant a large indoor playground has been installed with oversized recreations of toys from the Toy Story movies offering many options for active play, climbing, sliding, ... all while parents sit down and watch the children on the tv-monitors... [...more]