Space Mountain - Mission 2

Space Mountain - Mission II

Space Mountain - Mission II

Space Mountain - Mission II

Space Mountain - Mission II

Space Mountain - Mission II

Journey into outer space as the majestic Columbiad cannon blasts you on an exciting trip to the frontiers of the known universe, through meteor showers, past starfields and right into a Super Nova...

Space Mountain towers imposingly over Discoveryland as the land's center piece. From far away guests can spot how daring explorer on-board of golden trains are rolling into the majestic Columbiad cannon to be blasted with a loud boom and a puff of smoke up the mountain's side before dropping into its interior. The Baltimore Gun Club is no longer content with just aiming for the moon (as in Jules Verne's "From The Earth to The Moon" novell on which "Space Mountain" was originally based) ... now they are aiming for the frontiers of the known universe ... and they are looking for explorers! Are you ready to join them on this Mission 2?

Those daring enough and venturing into Space Mountain pass through long corridors decorated with impressions of some of the wonders to be discovered in the wide realms of our universe, past the De-Velocirator, in which they can see the trains of other explorers breaking during their re-entry into the atmosphere before they are finally asked to board the golden trains in the covered outdoor-station ... and the adventure begins!



Prior to being blasted into space, at the bottom of the Columbiad the guests onboard the trains are photographed. These souvenir photos are displayed in the small building guests pass through when exiting the attraction after their space journey. The photos are available for purchase at the shop / counter Light Speed Photography next to the exit.


  • Duration: 2:13 minutes
  • Max. Speed: 70 km/h
  • Trains: 4
  • Seats per Train: 24
  • Track length: ca. 1 km
  • Inversions: Loop, Barrel Roll, Tongue Loop (aka Horseshoe)
  • Original score by Michael Giacchino
  • Fastpass enabled
    (FP machines next to the main entrance
    FP entrance at the back of Space Mountain, opposite of Star Tours)
  • Waitingtime: Waitingtime: 4 of 5


When Space Mountain originally opened in 1995 its full name was "Space Mountain - De La Terre A La Lune" (Space Mountain - from the Earth to theMoon"). As implied by this name it was based on the famous science fiction novel "De La Terre A La Lune" (From the Earth to the Moon) by Jules Verne which guest could re-live as they were invited to board the trains of the Baltimore Gun Club who ventured to blast them with the giant Columbiad cannon all the way to the Moon. On their trip guests would pass amongst others mining endeavours of Col. Impey Barbicane's Blue Moon Mining Company on asteroids (complete with a waving Space Miner). Alas, as in the novell the power of the canon was not sufficient and just short of their destination the train would fall back toward the earth, where it passed through the De-Velocirator before guests were asked to disembark.

The journey on-board the trains was dramatically underscored by a symphonic score composed by Steve Bramson exclusively for the attraction. He composed the majestic score in the tradition of the grand scores of science fictions movies such as for the Star Wars series by John Williams. Thanks to a new system developed by Walt Disney Imagineering and pioneered on "Space Mountain - De La Terre A La Lune" the score at all times played in-sync with the ride, adjusting on-the-spot for speed differences between the trains so that the central cues in the score were always played at their designated point on the track. The system is still used, however, now for the new soundtrack. No other roller coaster anywhere in the world featured a synchronized soundtrack before "Space Mounatin - De La Terre A La Lune" - so another "world premier" for Disneyland Paris. By the way, an early predecessor of the system had been installed at Casey Jr. - Le Petit Train du Cirque in Fantasyland in 1993 and is still in use.

"Space Mountain - De La Terre A La Lune" closed in January 2005 for the transformation into "Space Mountain: Mission 2". The transformation into "Space Mountain: Mission 2" left the actual ride track unchanged, however, it added all new effects and themeing along the track to go with the story as well as the new soundtrack by Michael Giacchino enhancing the experience. The queue area, in particular the final map room, also saw further changes. In addition the launch was slightly modified eliminating the slight breaking at the top of the cannon. While this increased the speed at the entrance to the mountain as a side effect the maximum number of trains on the track at any given time was reduced from 5 to 4 due to this change. The original indoor queue gave guests a first glimpse of the journey ahead, as it allowed them to watch the trains zipping around inside the mountain as well as a close look at some of the space objects they would enocunter later during their trip. Those not daring enough to join the journey were able to get a glimpse of the action as well. For them the "Star Way" provided a walk through the interior of the Space Mountain using the left half of the tunnel also housing the main queue. The "Star Way" was closed when FastPass was introduced as the former entrance to the "Star Way" is now used as the FastPass entrance.

Guests who visit the Space Mountain attractions at Disneyland, Anaheim, at the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, or at Hong Kong Disneyland will surely find the new soundtrack of the ride familiar. While the version heard inside "Space Mountain: Mission 2" was composed by Michael Giacchino exclusively for Disneyland Paris he also composed the scores for the three before mentioned Space Mountain attractions at the same time, therefore using similar themes for all of them.


Children under the age of 8 or not meeting the minimum height requirement of 1.32 m are barred from riding Space Mountain. Expectant mothers are discouraged from riding as well.

For safety reasons guests should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness or other conditions that could be aggravated by an intense roller coaster.

Guests with disabilities (e.g. using wheel chairs) must be able to transfer into the trains (e.g. from wheel chairs) without cast member assistance. votings

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