Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet - Indoor Playground

Pizza Planet - Indoor Playground

Pizza Planet - Indoor Playground

Pizza Planet - Indoor Playground

Pizza Planet - Indoor Playground

Inside Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet Restaurant a large soft indoor play area invites young guests that are patrons of the restaurant to enter the world of the famous toys from the Toy Story movies while parents can sit down and watch their children on tv-monitors or enjoy their meal.

Are you brave enough to pass the fierce robot guard in front of the doors leading to Buzzy Lightyear's Pizza Planet restaurant? You better be if your youngest children (especially those up to age 5) want to enter the world of the famous toys from the Toy Story movies. Once through the doors behind the robot guard, Rex, the dinosaur, and Slinky the dog can already be seen at the far end of the room as the stars of the soft indoor play area.

Here the youngest guests can climb on top of Andy's bed, climb into a Bucket of Soldiers and slide down one of several (rather age appropriate tame) slides such as on the back of Rex or "trough" Slinky.

The soft ground and the colorful oversized toys as well as the different sizes of the play elements make the playground especially suitable to the youngest guests which can enjoy their adventure in Andy's room without any direct supervision giving them a feeling of freedom - as their parents watch over the safety of their kids from one of the tables next to the play area or on one of the many overhead monitors placed throughout the seating area of the restaurants, providing with some moments to relax as well.

Since the restaurant's offering was switched to an all-you-can-eat buffet in early 2010 access to the playground is limited to patrons of the restaurant.


Being located inside a restaurant the soft play area is especially busy during lunch and dinner hours but thanks to its size usually is able to accomodate all children interested. However, afternoon and later evening hours are certainly more relaxed - for children and parents alike.

The play area is worth considering for a party when choosing a dining option especially if the youngest guests get uneasy from waiting in lines and want to start exploring their surroundings independently - or to stay back with the youngest guests after the meal, while the rest of the party stands in line for one of the exciting adventures offered in Discoveryland such as the Space Mountain rollercoaster, that are not suitable for young children. It is also a great location to warm up on cold days or relax during a rainy day.


  • Soft play area with slides and climbing options geared at children up to age 5
  • overhead monitors in the seating area allow guests to monitor children on the playground
  • accessible exlusive during operating hours of Buzzy Lightyear's Pizza Planet restaurant for its patrons only
  • Waitingtime: Waitingtime: 1 of 5


On the way to the play area take a close look at the oversized remote controled car parked in front of the robot guardian in the entrance room - some guests of the early years might remember it from the Toy Story parade that was featured in the Disneyland Park at the occassion of the Toy Story movie release.

Originally the Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet restaurant attempted to balance the interest of young guests of each age-group by not only offering the soft play area for the youngest but also various (standard, not Disney themed) aracade games (for an upcharge). However, with already three arcades in Discoveryland (Arcade Alpha, Arcade Beta and L'Astroport Services Interstellaires) interest was limited and the arcade games were removed to improve the family friendly atmosphere.


No official age limits apply to the play area, however the area is designed to appeal in particular to young guests up to age 5 and provides according soft ground and tame slides. votings

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