Attractions at Main Street U.S.A.

Main Street StationMain Street Station

Hurry, otherwise you might miss your train! And then: relax on this scenic railroad ride with real steam-engines around the Disneyland Park [...more]

Main Street VehiclesMain Street Vehicles

Enjoy a wonderful ride in one of the beautiful and genuine oldtimers, all the way down the road of Main Street, U.S.A. [...more]

Statue of Liberty TableauStatue of Liberty Tableau

Be on-site for the dedication ceremony of New York's Statue of Liberty, the gift from France to the United States [...more]

City HallCity Hall

Park maps, information, hotel and restaurant reservation, money exchange, guided tours, pretty much all you may need to inquire about and organize - this is the place for it [...more]

Horse-Drawn StreetcarsHorse-Drawn Streetcars

A gentle ride down Main Street, U.S.A. to the beautiful Sleeping Beauty Castle, in genuine streetcars drawn by mighty horses [...more]

Liberty ArcadeLiberty Arcade

Learn about the creation, the artist and the many builders of New York's Statue of Liberty and its connection with France [...more]

Discovery ArcadeDiscovery Arcade

Take a look at the inventions of the past that helped shape the world we are part of today, and gaze at a future that never was [...more]

Dapper Dan's Hair CutsDapper Dan's Hair Cuts

Get your hair cut and your beard trimmed in the old style - a true treat for all male who want to enjoy a relaxing moment in Main Street, U.S.A. [...more]


Attractions at Frontierland

Big Thunder MountainBig Thunder Mountain

Step onboard of the lore cars of an old mine-train and experience the thrills of the wildest ride in the wilderness [...more]

Thunder Mesa Riverboat LandingThunder Mesa Riverboat Landing

Board the elegant steamboats "Mark Twain" and "Molly Brown" embarking on a gentle cruise around the Rivers of the Far West from the Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing [...more]

Critter Corral - Woody's Roundup VillageCritter Corral - Woody's Roundup Village

Meet and greet Minnie, Woody, Jesse and their many friends in a relaxed countryside setting at the far end of Frontierland [...more]

Legends of the Wild WestLegends of the Wild West

Discover an old Wild West fort and see how those who dared to settle down in the wilderness lived their Cowboy lives [...more]

Pocahontas Indian VillagePocahontas Indian Village

Let your children have a playful time at this Indian themed playground, next to the Rivers of the Far West, while you relax and enjoy the surrounding views [...more]

Phantom ManorPhantom Manor

High above the Rivers of the Far West resides this once beautiful mansion, which now houses a very dark secret [...more]

The Chaparral TheaterThe Chaparral Theater

Located at the shores of the Rivers of the Far West on the grounds of the Cottonwood Creek Ranch the Chaparral Theater is home to grand show productions in natural settings [...more]

River Rogue KeelboatsRiver Rogue Keelboats

Take a journey around the beautiful Rivers of the Far West in Frontierland aboard one of the small River Rogue Keelboats [...more]

Disneyland Railroad - Frontierland DepotDisneyland Railroad - Frontierland Depot

The "wildest" of the Disneyland Railroad's four stops on its circuit around the Magic Kingdom [...more]

Rustler Roundup Shootin' GalleryRustler Roundup Shootin' Gallery

Proof your skills with a rifle at this wild west themed shooting arcade offering targets of various difficulties in a detailed scenery [...more]


Attractions at Adventureland

Pirates of the CaribbeanPirates of the Caribbean

Set sail and encounter a bunch of swashbuckling pirates as they bring havoc to a small Caribbean town [...more]

La Cabane des RobinsonLa Cabane des Robinson

Climb high into this huge wonderful tree, where the shipwrecked Family Robinson has built a magnificent new home [...more]

Pirate's BeachPirate's Beach

Right next to Captain Hook's Galley this detailed playground awaits those who are dreaming of being a pirate - strictely offlimited for parents this is the place for the young guests [...more]

Adventure IsleAdventure Isle

Explore this tropical part of Adventureland with its hidden caves, grottos and treasures [...more]

Indiana JonesIndiana Jones

Follow the foot-steps of the famous archaeologist Indiana Jones and go on a high-speed ride through the ruins of the Temple du Péril [...more]

Le Passage d'AladdinLe Passage d'Aladdin

Explore this lovely walk-through attraction, where you can see the most beloved scenes from Disney's animated feature "Aladdin" [...more]

Captain Hook's Pirate ShipCaptain Hook's Pirate Ship

The majestic galley of Captain Hook anchored in the lagoon in front of the lush Adventure Isle next to Skull Rock doubles as stage, walk through attraction and snack sales point [...more]


Attractions at Fantasyland

Sleeping Beauty's CastleLe Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant

The Sleeping Beauty's Castle stretching to the sky ist not only a magical sight but also the centerpiece of the Disneyland Park and its well known landmark - but it also has beauty inside [...more]

Peter Pan's FlightPeter Pan's Flight

Fly with Peter Pan over the rooftops of London towards the second star to the right, which leads you to Neverland - the home of the Lost Boys, Tinkerbell, Tiger Lilly and Captain Hook [...more]

Pinocchios Fantastic JourneyPinocchios Fantastic Journey

Experience the beautiful tale of Pinocchio, joining him on his adventurous journeys and his quest to become a real boy [...more]

Le Carrousel de LancelotLe Carrousel de Lancelot

Enjoy the fun of an old-fashioned carrousel on the back of one of the beautiful horses and great Disney tunes [...more]

Le Pays de Contes de FéesLe Pays de Contes de Fées

Take a relaxing boat trip through the land of fairy tales and encounter many scenes from Disney's classic animated movies [...more]

La Tanière du DragonLa Tanière du Dragon

Underneath “Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant”, deep inside its dungeons, a defeated dragon is sleeping and resting, awaiting the right time to escape from its chains [...more]

Fantasyland StationFantasyland Station

The most "magical" of the Disneyland Railroad's four stops on its way around the whole beautiful Magic Kingdom [...more]

Le Théâtre du ChâteauLe Théâtre du Château

With the Sleeping Beauty Castle as backdrop this huge open air theater presents fantasy shows for the whole family [...more]

it's a small worldit's a small world

Travel around the world aboard a gentil boat ride and encounter hundreds of singing children, that teach you that this planet isn't that big after all [...more]

Snow WhiteSnow White

Follow Snow White on her adventure to find her fairy tale prince - inspite of the leathel plans of her stepmother, the Wicked Queen [...more]

Dumbo the Flying ElephantDumbo the Flying Elephant

Climb on Dumbo's back and let him take you on a charming carousel ride high over the magical sky of Fantasyland [...more]

Casey Jr.Casey Jr.

All aboard, let's go! Casey Jr., the little circus train, takes you on a trip around the magical landscapes of Storybookland [...more]

Alice's Curious LabyrinthAlice's Curious Labyrinth

Follow Alice into her wonderland, meet some of its crazy inhabitants and get lost within thise one-of-a-kind hedge maze. But be careful around the Queen of Heart's castle: otherwise you might lose your head [...more]

Mad Hatter's Tea CupsMad Hatter's Tea Cups

A merry "Un-Birthday" to you! Celebrate at the Mad Hatter's party while spinning around in one of the huge tea cups [...more]

Fantasy Festival StageFantasy Festival Stage

The most famous toons perform in this wonderful theater in the heart of Fantasyland to the delight of the whole family [...more]

Castle CourtyardCastle Courtyard

Visit the courtyard behind the beautiful Sleeping Beauty's castle where you'll find fantasy and magic in dreamy surroundings and gorgeous scenes [...more]

Les Pirouettes Vieux MoulinLes Pirouettes Vieux Moulin

Climb into of the old mill's buckets and enjoy a view onto Fantasyland from high above [...more]


Attractions at Discoveryland

Space Mountain: Mission 2Space Mountain: Mission 2

Journey into outer space as the majestic Columbiad cannon blasts you on an exciting trip to the frontiers of the known universe, through meteor showers, past starfields and right into a Super Nova... [...more]

Captain EOCaptain EO

In tribute to Michael Jackson the Imagination Institute invites guests to (re-)discover the "king of pop" in his unique 3D space opera extravaganza... [...more]

Buzz Lightyear's AstroBlasterBuzz Lightyear's Laser Blast

Buzz Lightyear needs your help to protect the universe and to catch the evil Zurg. So board your Space Cruiser, grab your Astro Blaster and see if you can become the next Galactic Hero... [...more]

Les Mystères du NautilusLes Mystères du Nautilus

Deep beneath the sea lies the mysterious kingdom of Captain Nemo. Walk down the stairs to this genius' greatest marvel, the amazing submarine "Nautilus", and experience the wonders and beauty of this vessel... [...more]

Discoveryland StationDiscoveryland Station

Board the elegant trains of the Disneyland Railroad at this futuristic station above Star Traders and travel around all five lands in the most traditional way... [...more]

Arcade Alpha & BetaArcade Alpha & Beta

Two minor arcades with games for all ages located next to the central entrance of the Videopolis - please note that a cover charge applies to each game... [...more]

Star ToursStar Tours

Step into the world of "Star Wars" and experience a wild simulator ride through outer space to the moon of Endor... [...more]


The elegant Flying Machines invite you to a trip around a beautiful stellar sculpture and over the rooftops of Discoveryland... [...more]


Hop into one of the charming little cars and take a relaxing drive on the freeways of a long gone future... [...more]


The large auditorium including areas for the guests of the Hyperion Restaurant is matched by a gigantic high tech stage... [...more]

L'Astroport Services InterstellairesL'Astroport Services Interstellaires

This spaceport awaits space traveller with an assortment of the latest video games from Earth, including numerous Star Wars themed games, air hockey and and and... [...more]

Pizza Planet - Indoor Playground & ArcadePizza Planet - Indoor Playground
(restaurant patrons only)

Inside the Pizza Planet Restaurant a large indoor playground has been installed with oversized recreations of toys from the Toy Story movies offering many options for active play, climbing, sliding, ... all while parents sit down and watch the children on the tv-monitors... [...more]