Dining with Adventurers

Find some tasty foods in the resorts most adventurous settings, eat among the pirates and captains, in jungles and exotic places...

Enjoy lunch or dinner in one of the park's most beautiful restaurants, the Blue Lagoon, located inside the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. See the pirate ships pass by while enjoying a plate full of wonders and colours.

A buffet style restaurant is also available in Adventureland; The Agrabah Cafe, hidden just behind the Adventureland main entrance.

Hakuna Matata, on of Adventureland counter services, offers a collection of food named after the Lion King characters, while the other counter service, Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost, offers different pizzas to enjoy on its terrasses.

For a quick bite you can also get something at Captain Hooks Gallery or at the Cafe de la Brousse...

Blue Lagoon RestaurantBlue Lagoon Restaurant

Hidden next to the exit of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is one of the best restaurants of the Disneyland park [...more]

Restaurant Hakuna MatataRestaurant Hakuna Matata

Pasta and salads within an African setting loosely themed around Disney's classic animation "The Lion King" [...more]

Captain Hook's GalleyCaptain Hook's Galley

Snacks at the majestic galley of Captain Hook anchored in the lagoon in front of the lush Adventure Island next to Skull Rock [...more]

Restaurant Agrabah CafeRestaurant Agrabah Cafe

Enjoy an Exotic buffet style meal within the adventureland bazaar featuring an ever changing Mediterranean cuisine [...more]

Colonel Hathi's Pizza OutpostColonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost

Enjoy pizzas, pastas and salads on the veranda of this beautiful colonial outpost building in the middle of the jungle [...more]

Cafe de la Brousse Cafe de la Brousse

Quick snacks and drinks at the lagoon, near to the entrance of Adventureland [...more]