Restaurant Agrabah Cafe


Enjoy an exotic meal within the Adventureland Bazaar.

Passing through the Moorish inspired archways at the entrance of Adventureland leads into the Arabian Bazaar, home to Restaurant Agrabah Café.

Taking its theme from Disney’s classic movie Aladdin, Restaurant Agrabah Cafe is a buffet style restaurant, which features an ever-changing menu of Mediterranean style cuisine.

Within the dining area the eastern theming is conveyed through a series of interconnecting rooms decorated in deep rich colours and completed with an eclectic selection of bric a brac stacked deep on shelves. One doorway leads to a small outside courtyard area, where guests can enjoy their meals on sunny days.

One of the newest additions to the Magic Kingdom, Restaurant Agrabah Café offers a more specialised menu - concentrating on mediterranean food - than many of the park’s other eateries which try to offer something for everyone. But thanks to the "All You Can Eat"-buffet this is more of an opportunity than a problem, as the guest can try a bit of the most exotic and diverse offers and thereby discover a whole new world.


Due to its slightly secluded entrance (which is accessed by passing through the back of Adventureland Bazar) the café is one of the quietest in the theme park, even on busy days - which also means that it regularly closes during the off-season.


  • Service: Buffet
  • Food: Mediterranean food, tajine, couscous, chawarma, oriental pastry etc.
  • Priceclass: Priceclass 3 (of 5)


While the Adventureland Bazaar can be found in the US-parks of Disney too it has a very different concept here...

Until 1999, the Adventureland Bazaar housed three shops: L'Echoppe d'Aladin (yes - spelled with only one "d"!), La Reine des Serpents and Les Trésors de Schéhérazade. But only the last one remained as the space of the two other shops was used for the new Agrabah Café, which is located in the same Bazaar-setting as its predecessors did.

The name "Agrabah" stems from Walt Disney's animated feature "Aladdin", in which the city where Aladdin lives is called Agrabah. Due to some fire damage to some of the rear areas of the restaurant, which were inflicted by misguided rockets of several firework displays, the restaurant was closed for most of 2002 and only reopened in the last weeks of the year offering an "all you can eat"-buffet. Disneyland Paris has indeed an interesting connection to "Aladdin": in 1993, it had become more than obvious that Euro Disney was in trouble. So, for the holiday season '93, a new promotional campaign was started to tie in with the release of "Aladdin" to European movie theatres.

Commercials were made showing Aladdin flying on its magic carpet to Euro Disneyland, to see the wonders of this Magic Kingdom. At the same time, the walk-through attraction Le Passage Enchanté d'Aladdin was opened at the Adventureland Bazaar and a new parade based on the movie premiered at the park.

And although the "Aladdin"-campaign didn't rescue Euro Disneyland, it was the first step towards a new era for the resort which lead to the re-negotiation of the park's financing as well as the partnership with Saudi Prince Al-Waleed - which is, if one might say so, almost like another piece of an Arabian Nights fairy tale. votings

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