Adventureland: Attractions...

Feeling adventurous? Visit one of many adventures in this beautiful land. Meet the pirates, visit the Temple, climb a tree, meet Aladdin or have a fun day exploring Adventure Isle...

Pirates of the CaribbeanPirates of the Caribbean

Set sail and encounter a bunch of swashbuckling pirates as they bring havoc to a small Caribbean town [...more]

La Cabane des RobinsonLa Cabane des Robinson

Climb high into this huge wonderful tree, where the shipwrecked Family Robinson has built a magnificent new home [...more]

Pirate's BeachPirate's Beach

Right next to Captain Hook's Galley this detailed playground awaits those who are dreaming of being a pirate - strictely offlimited for parents this is the place for the young guests [...more]

Adventure IsleAdventure Isle

Explore this tropical part of Adventureland with its hidden caves, grottos and treasures [...more]

Indiana JonesIndiana Jones

Follow the foot-steps of the famous archaeologist Indiana Jones and go on a high-speed ride through the ruins of the Temple du Péril [...more]

Le Passage d'AladdinLe Passage d'Aladdin

Explore this lovely walk-through attraction, where you can see the most beloved scenes from Disney's animated feature "Aladdin" [...more]

Captain Hook's Pirate ShipCaptain Hook's Pirate Ship

The majestic galley of Captain Hook anchored in the lagoon in front of the lush Adventure Isle next to Skull Rock doubles as stage, walk through attraction and snack sales point [...more]