Adventure Isle

Adventure Isle

Adventure Isle

Adventure Isle

Adventure Isle

Adventure Isle

Adventure Isle

Adventure Isle

Adventure Isle

Explor this tropical part of Adventureland with its hidden caves, grottos and treasures...

At the very centre of Adventureland lies Adventure Isle, a lushly landscaped island full of surprise discoveries.

Adventure Isle is in fact two small islands linked to the mainland of Adventureland via several bridges. Once on the island guests can explore areas including...

Skull Rock: With a myriad of tunnels that link deep underground around Skull Rock, its not hard to imagine a pirate from some forgotten time stowing away his treasures deep within the caves.

The interlinking passageways appear to lead in all directions, while distant moans seem to come from everywhere. At the very centre of the caves the skeleton of a buccaneer still watches over his fortune of golden doubloons and jewels.

Close to Skull Rock guests can discover Captain Hook's ship. Here aboard this beautiful recreation of the pirate's galleon children will love taking control of the ship's wheel or simply enjoy playing "pirates" on the decks. And if you get hungry playing pirate a snack point awaits you inside. But: since April 2004 access to the galley is restricted at least during the summer half of the year, when a show takes over the ship.

Le Ventre de la Terre: On the other island, deep beneath La Cabane des Robinson, are yet more labyrinths of tunnels, here the roots of the mighty Banyan tree seem to penetrate the rock walls. Patient explorers may discover the family's secret food store hidden beneath an opening in the rock ceiling that opens to give a dizzying view of the tree above.

L'île au Trésor: Above ground playful children (and adults) will love bouncing across the numerous bridges around the islands which include a barrel bridge that floats along on the surface of the water and the wobbly rope suspension bridge.

Adventure Isle is a great place for children who will love exploring the caves and bridges throughout the island, and for adults, who'd like to feel like a child again.


If you feel like not standing in line for one of Disneyland's attractions, Adventure Isle offers the perfect escape. Even if the park is crowded, there are no lines and you can explore the island at your own pace.


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While the Adventure Isle is one of the exclusive attractions of DLP on first sight, a closer comparison with the other Magic Kingdoms brings up, that a similar but different attraction can be found in their Frontierlands - Tom Sawyer's Island - whose concept has been transfered to Adventureland and further enhanced for Disneyland Paris.


Take a good look after your children, otherwise they might get lost in all those tunnels, caves and hidden places on the island.

Also, there are certain areas on Adventure Island that are not accessible for people with walking conditions. votings

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